Smile Theatre

Smile Theatre TIE Tour in Italy

2020: Pirates! – Gomez & Co. – Le Capitaine Fracasse – 1492
All our other shows 1997-2020

Smile Theatre TIE Tour in Italy is a project which tours to primary and secondary schools educating the children in English using rich diction and gestures, for easier understanding.

The project consists:

  • Leaflat: the script with exercises is sent to the students at least 50 days in advance to let them practice.
  • The show, which nearly lasts 1 hour, has fun with language structures appropriate to the age group.
  • After each show there is a workshop which touches on the issues and text used in the play while also have conversations with the students (in English or French language). Workshops are held in classrooms for groups of 25-30 students and last about 30-45 minutes (depending on the age group).

Smile Actors will receive the text at least one month before the first performance to learn it by heart, properly.

Requirements for Smile Theatre:

  • Male & female, graduated Actors, from 22 to 28 y.o., English or French or Spanish native speaking, performers with good comedy and character skills.
  • Bright, dedicated, flexible, good team member and hard working actors who are able to deal with the pressures of touring abroad for months at a time.
  • Strong and confident actors who are able to run single handedly workshops with children aged from 8 – 14 years old.
  • Necessary full driving license.

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