Smile & Drama

Smile & Drama

Smile and Drama is a project  for Italian students. English speaking drama teachers work with children in Primary, Secondary schools. From Monday to Friday for a maximum of 28 hours + 2 hours on Saturday morning for the Show.

During the week the students learn the different aspects of acting using various and dynamic exercises and activities.  This project culminates with the students performing a show, 20/30 minutes long, entirely in English, that exhibits the skills they have learnt through out the week to teachers, parents and friends.
Smile & Drama project lasts for 8/9 weeks, each of them in a different vilage/city.
The project is for nearly 4/5 actresses, working singularly.
They will follow a training in Modena, Italy for 5 days before the beginning. The training will be leaded by Smile manager who has been a teacher in the Italian schools for 20 years.
For the 2017/2018 school year, the project will begin in January/February till March.

Requirements for Smile & Drama:

  • Graduated Actors, from 20 to 30 y.o., English native speaking, performers with good comedy and character skills.
  • Dedicated hard working actors/actresses who are self organized and indipendent
  • Confident and flexible actors/actresses who are able to run workshops and Drama activities and to cope children from 8-14 years old.

The Italian  teachers will manage the weekly timetable depending by the school timetable.
The classes included will be a maximum of 5 or 6, shared in days and hours.
The main drama activities will be:
use of the voice
use of the body
play in role
show on Friday afternoon / Saturday morning

All Saturdays early afternoons the actors/actresses will be in Modena; dinners + accommodation + continental breakfasts provided.
Departure for next venues on Sundays afternoon.
All hospitalities (Full Board) and all travels for work (generally by train) are provided.

A 6 days training will be organized in Modena.

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