Smile was founded by the Italian teacher Franca Relandini, who has over 20 years of experience in the Italian schools. Smile specializes in providing children, with fun and effective ways of learning, either English or French languages through the medium of theatre and other didactic activities.

Our projects take place in Italy during the second part of the school year (January-May) and summer months (August-September).

Through fun and engaging activities the children will:

  • expand the language skills through theatre and pleasant didactic activities
  • broaden their cultural horizons by putting them in contact with people of different cultures with different customs
  • improve the capacity of expression and personal communication

Smile prides itself on providing the highest standard of English/French/Spanish actors and teachers of drama who all have excellent communication skills and a superb attitude to work with kids and teachers in the Italian schools.

On this site you will find everything you need to enter the world of Smile and have all the info for a unique working experience!

Smile Theatre production 2022
“101”, “The Morgans”, “La Belle Epoque”, “Chica”

All our shows 1997-2022

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